FRC Worldwide trains people to be able to coach people experiencing health challenges.

We are a coaching resource providing coaching programs designed to improve outcomes in behavioural health.

Our coaches range from executive and business coaches to organisational coaches and transformational / life coaches and peer supporters.

The FRC Worldwide Limited is a UK based organisation developing Recovery and Wellness Coaching within healthcare sectors internationally.

Recovery and Wellness Coaching approaches, thinking and its application have much to offer the healthcare field. Coaching has already established its efficacy in business environments.

The FRC believes that coaching has much to offer individuals and organisations looking to build and maintain well-being and effective approaches to recovery from and prevention of healthcare challenges.

The FRC offers a number of approaches to developing Recovery and Wellness Coaching to support individuals and organisations to develop recovery and wellness.


A workshop for organisations looking to integrate a recovery and wellness culture and develop workforce wellness as a business objective.

Bespoke Recovery and Wellness Coach training to up-skill existing coaching teams either internal or contracted.

Training programmes to develop internal coaches.

Confidential Executive Recovery and Wellness Coaching Programme.

Coaching Technology based workforce wellness programmes.


Membership for Recovery and Wellness Coaches.

Training from the ground up for non-coaches, coaches and organisations wishing to bring their coaching teams into this speciality.

Business Development to establish stable professional Recovery and Wellness Services and practices.

An online Directory home where coaches can list their services and clients can find them.

Best Practice, including Ethics codes for coaches.


Our own bespoke coaching programmes focusing on Diabetes Type 2, Weight / Obesity, Stress, Substance and Behaviour Misuse (including alcohol)

Directory services to find a Recovery and Wellness Coach.


Focuses on restoring the capacity of individuals to tunr their potential into the actual. This takes place within the context of any health challenges, circumstances and treatment pathways. It seeks to develop sustainable recovery with individuals based on their revised circumstances, moving them towards the lived experience of wellness.


Focuses on developing and deepening healthy behaviours, attitudes and approaches to living across all the 7 dimensions of wellness both as a prevention of healthcare challenges and to maintain best possible health after a period focused on recovery.


We have a two technologies approach to both individual and organisational wellness.

Latest technologies allow people to measure and gather knowledge about themselves as never before. Wearable and associated technology allow us to gather real-time, daily data about our health and behaviours. This data allows people to make changes.

These changes are sometimes hard to make and often the knowledge does not fulfil its potential. This is where the human relationship technology applies. Coaching is effective in assisting people to turn knowledge into change. Deep long lasting change is usually driven by integrated healthy human commitment to a positive life.

Within organisations these factors drive the performance and delivery of all employees. Healthy people equal healthy, productive and profitable organisations.


The FRC believes in professional standards, best practice and ethics codes. We recognise the certified coach standards of both the ICF, AC and the EMCC.

Certification for Recovery and wellness Coaches is available from the IRWCC credentialing board. The FRC recognises these credentials.


The FRC runs training programmes for individual coaches as well as workshops and training for organisations.