FRC Team


CEO, FRC Worldwide                         linkedin-icon

Anthony has been working with people with behavioural health challenges for over 30 years. He set up and runs specialist recovery and wellness coach training and consultancy, FRC Worldwide and developed the FRC training programme based on the Meaning Centred Coaching Model.

The MCC model was developed between 2007 and 2014 as a response to his research into long term recovery from serious substance and behaviour misuse. He works as an executive coach trainer, organisational consultant and coaching training curriculum developer.

He is currently developing, in partnership with recently set up FRC US led by Marshall Rosier, a new coaching based training for Peer Recovery Supporters and Recovery Coaches for deployment across New York State.

He has worked with board members, CEO’s, senior management teams and entrepreneurs as variously coach and mentor within the context of recovery and wellness and leadership.

In support of that work he founded the International Recovery and Wellness Coach Certification Board (IRWCCB) to provide standards and certification for specialist coaches in human health and the International Recovery and Wellness Coach World Conference (IRWC Conference) now in its third year.

His career has included an extensive executive background in the media as well as in environmental issues working with organisations such as BBC Worldwide, Naspers, Conde Nast, Polygram, Carlton TV

In 2009 he was invited to become a fellow of The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) and started a coaching network event there for its worldwide fellowship.


Executive Training Consultant and Trainer for FRC                           linkedin-icon

Gladeana is considered one of the leading personal development and transformational coaches in the UK. Her books include “Performance Coaching for Dummies” and, “No More Stress – be your own Stress Management Coach. She coaches CEO’s and those at Director Level, politicians and media moguls to master the psychological complexities of 21st century corporate life. She is Chair Emeritus of the Association for Coaching UK, and co-creator of cognitive behavioural coaching and mindfulness based cognitive coaching models. An accredited therapist as well as coach Gladeana is also a Fellow of the British Association for Counselling, Institute of Management Studies, International Stress Management Association, Association for Coaching and Royal Society of Arts

 HR Consultant / Advisor

Jan Davies is an HR Director who has gained in depth experience with blue chip corporations and across a diverse range of public sector and not for profit organisations. Jan’s roles have covered UK and International responsibilities and it is this exposure to working across different cultures and with diverse workforces that has fuelled a keen interest in organisational design and development and improvement in organisational performance. From an HR skill set built on Reward, Job design and Competency models Jan has extended her areas of expertise to include psychometric profiling and management/executive coaching. Jan now supports a wide range of organisations to achieve more organisational impact with their HR functions.

  DAVID COLLINS (South Africa)

International Business Development                           linkedin-icon

David Collins is specialist coach, facilitator and consultant with an extensive background in the financial sector. He sits on the panel of external coaches for Investec as well as Nedbank, but also has working relationships with JPMorgan, CITI Bank as well as ABSA and Standard Bank. David has a keen sense of social responsibility and its importance to the sustainability of countries and economIes. To this end, David started SHARP, a primary care facility for people suffering from chemical substance abuse. He then went on to be the founder of the U-ACT Trust (Ubuntu Academy of Coaching & Training), a Section 18A company whose aim is to incorporate the skills and success of coaching in the field of Recovery Coaching. Within this environment, David honed his strong people skills in the area of listening, intuition and personal empowerment. It is the combination of all these skills and David’s unique personality that makes him an exceptional coach.

 REBECCA DADDOW (UK) Research Advisor

Rebecca’s commitment to social justice and interest in how behaviours, practices and cultures develop, has focussed her research in areas of community development, rehabilitation and recovery from substance misuse. Rebecca believes that individuals and communities hold the answers to some of the most challenging issues faced today. This belief underpins her career and voluntary work driving her to find ways to bridge the gaps between policy, practice and everyday community life. She does this by finding new ways of engaging and communicating with the people she works with and the wider public. Rebecca has a bachelor’s degree in Social Anthropology and History from Oxford Brookes University and a Masters in Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies from Kings College London.