Our vision

Recovery and Wellness Coaching available for everyone who needs it regardless of cost

Our Mission

The FRC’s mission is to inspire change the way that people and organisations approach recovery and wellness from behavioural driven healthcare challenges by implementing meaning based recovery and wellness coaching through a worldwide network of skilled, compassionate coaches.

How we do this


Excellent TRAINING

  • Provide world class Recovery and Wellness Training programmes and CPD internationally and support international use of FRC Worldwide’s training programmes.
  • Support training with best practices and ethics to ensure best possible outcomes for those receiving coaching support and services.


  • Raising the international awareness, practice and impact of Recovery & Wellness Coaching as a vital and useful component of building wellbeing in individuals, organisations and communities.
  • Challenge and reduce stigma and discrimination across healthcare challenges.
  • Develop effective, informative and transformational international conferences for dialogue and support to our community.


  • Provide support, community and best practice services to Recovery and Wellness Coaches and associated practitioners so they may successfully develop their effectiveness and sustainability.
  • Facilitate people looking for Recovery and Wellness to find solutions and coaches to support them in their journey.
  • Build an effective sustainable business model to support professional Recovery and Wellness practitioners in their practice.


  • Continually seek to find new tools and better approaches to assisting people to become and stay well and to recover from a wide variety of health & well-being challenges.
  • Including but not limited to: Diabetes, Hypertension, Cancer, Mental Illness, Depression, Weight & Eating, Smoking, Financial & Gambling, Substance & Drug use and Addiction.


  • Develop and participate in international research projects to support and develop the evidence base for the impact of Recovery & Wellness Orientation and Recovery & Wellness Coaching on individuals, organisations and communities.


  • Build a community of FRC Associates to develop the network needed to implement the FRC’s mission and in this way support Associates to be in community with each other for the development of their practice and business objectives.

    We believe that the primary tool of developing our work is collaboration driven by shared values, best practice and clear vision.