FAQ’s for new FRC members interested in becoming contract coaches / business development partners


Q: How do I get to be a contract coach with FRC?

A:  You need to complete the Recovery to Wellness Coach Online certification training programme and complete the CRWC credential. You will also need to attend at least one of our face to face Integration training days.

Q: Do you guarantee to give me coaching work?

A: No we do not. There are a variety of factors that affect whether we can place you as a coach and these will influence the chances of your receiving work from FRC. They are: Your Speciality, Location, Time Zone, Professional background, Languages, Gender, Age and so on.

Q: Will it be face to face or will I be working via telephone / skype?

A: It may well be both. If you are unable or unwilling to work in one of these two ways this may reduce your chances of receiving work from us.

Q: How will I get paid?

A: You will be paid monthly in arrears by FRC

Q: What is the minimum coaching assignment in hours?

A: At the moment we are working to a guide of 8 hrs a month minimum.

Q: Are you aligned with the ICF or other coaching body?

A: All our trainings are accredited by the International Recovery & Wellness Coach Credentialing Board, IRWCCB, the only specialised cert board for Recovery and Wellness Coaches.

The IRWCCB is in the process of setting up an affiliation with the Association of Coaching International.

The parts of our trainings that are non specialised, i.e the foundational coaching elements are in the process of being accredited by both AC and ICF.


Q: Can I become an ICF or other professional body member if I take your training?

A: If you are not already a coach and you complete our Foundational Training Programme then yes.

Q: Can you assist me with credentialing processes?

A: Yes. We have advisors who can take you through the process and supply you with the necessary supervision and mentor coaching as required by the different boards. There are additional costs to this depending on the organisation.

Q: How long will it take me to get onto your contract coach list?

A: The shortest time would depend on your particular circumstances and training but in no case can it be less than approximately 6 months.

Q: What will it cost me?

A: Apart from the cost of training and the cost of attending the face to face training Integration days as well as any supervision requirements of the credential there are not additional costs. Please note that the credentialing costs of the IRWCCB ( excluding the supervision costs for the required supervision ) are included in your training membership costs.

Q:Do you charge me to be a contract coach?

A: No. we offer you a rate to coach for FRC and you accept it or not. We do not charge any additional fees.

Q: Are there any other requirements for staying on your contract coach list?

A: Yes. You need to be a paid up member of FRC. Agree to the terms and conditions of being an FRC contract coach and agree to practice as a Recovery and Wellness Coach in accordnace with our ethics code.

Q: Do I have to be a contract coach?

A: No of course not.

Q: How soon can I start working as a Recovery to Wellness Coach?

A: Once you have completed the online certification training programme. We do not require that you acquire the CRWC credential unless you wish to become one of our contract coaches.

Q: How quickly after I have been accepted as a contract coach will I receive assignments?

A: That depends on a number of factors. What contracts we have and where. What the requirements are and so on.

You may of course start working as a Recovery and Wellness Coach as soon as you have completed the certification.

Q: If I am one of your business development coaches and I facilitate FRC to get a contract how will I benefit?

A: You will share in the revenue streams from business that you and FRC co develop. These revenue streams will comprise either coaching services, consulting and training. Where you are qualified and where you wish to, you will be able to provide such services as an FRC partner. You will also receive a share of profits from such business development activity.

All the details of this will be set out in a memorandum of agreement that FRC and our business development partners will sign prior to commencing business development activities.

Q: Can I get details of your coaching contracts?

A: Not as a rule as all contracts are subject to confidentiality agreements with organisations and people’s data protection in this respect is important.

Q:What are the terms and conditions for being a contract coach?

A: The key features are: You will be required to agree terms and conditions that protect both you and FRC from malpractice, bringing FRC into disrepute, that provide for best practice and alignment with ethics codes. In addition you will agree to not seek or take work from FRC clients where FRC has introduced you as a coach. You will also agree to remain a member in good standing of FRC while you are providing coaching services to FRC cleints under FRC contracts