Join the FRC training team

We are looking to start growing our training team. We are looking for coach trainers excited to join the team of the FRC International to deliver inspiring, professional and effective training through our FRC academy to coaches both new and existing.

You will be part of the FRC training team and as such will deliver in both online teleclass and face to face environments.

Our focus is bring coaching ( and we mean proper professional coaching ) deep into healthcare and recovery to wellness for the countless millions of people facing behavioral driven healthcare challenges such as Diabetes type 2, Mental Health, Weight challenges, alcohol and substance misuse, stress, depression etc.

In short its the area where, up until recent times, conventional wisdom said coaches never should go. In fact it is precisely in helping people change and rebuild their lives that coaches and coaching can make and ought to be able to make a huge difference.

If you are a CTI front of room leader or have similar training experience then you may be a for us.

If this excites you then maybe you would like to connect with me and see if this is for you.

Full details on how we would work together to bring you into the team, what to expect and what we hope for we will sort out if we decide to engage.

Anthony Eldridge-Rogers

CEO FRC Worldwide

Contact us using our contact page

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Trainings in UK, US, Vietnam and South Africa

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