Substance / Behaviour Misuse & Addiction Recovery Coaching.

    What is it?

Substance and Behaviour Misuse and Addiction Recovery Coaching  is a trans theoretical strengths based, transformational coaching speciality.

It is used within the context of working with individuals who are in recovery from an addictive experience across a number of addictive substances and behaviours.

It focuses on a 360 degree whole person approach to building a persons strengths, behaviour management, life aspiration, purpose, goals and personal development supporting recovery from substance misuse / addiction and resilience to relapse/addictive use.

It draws on a number of practices including positive psychology, MI, CBT, NLP, Logotherapy, Relational Systems coaching, Narrative Psychology, built around a core coaching model MCC, Meaning Centred CoachingTM

The coaching relationship is a carefully designed and powerful relationship that can both support the initiation of recovery and develop and strengthen a person’s recovery to wellness journey along the recovery continuum.

The approach is focused on a strengths and asset base discovery, deployment and implementation. It focuses on the individuals personal, relational and communal assets that they can use to access, build and maintain their recovery.
It focuses on building recovery capital to build resilience, individual productivity, creativity, community and improved inter personal relationships within community and wider society.

It combines Recovery & Wellness Orientation, Coaching Orientation and Coaching Skills to provide a specific approach to addiction recovery

The coaching approach recognises that the development and success of addiction recovery and wellness rests as on the recognition of the human need to build, develop and live fulfilling meaningful lives over time whilst attending to solving and meeting current challenges and needs.

GRAY CIRCLE        Principles

The coaching approach promotes no specific pathway or method od managing substance misuse or addiction and has no vested interest or agenda in promoting any treatment, recovery or rehabilitation approach or service.

Its core principles are founded on respect, dignity, the right to self determination, choice, personal freedom from discrimination and stigmatisation 

BLUE CIRCLE    A Gateway Relationship

Addiction Recovery & Wellness Coaching is best understood as a “gateway” relationship as it focuses on working with people in addiction recovery to access particular services and resources to meet their multiple needs across the entire span of their recovery to wellness journey.
In addition it provides strong supportive key relationship between coach and the person they are coaching that strengthens and supports recovery.

The coaching is concerned with the overall recovery journey and process and not just one or more treatment process or event.

FRC Addiction Recovery Coaches are trained to work with people across the whole stages of change process of recovery as well as to be able to coach people at the different stages that occur and develop over time. People two years into a recovery process have very different needs, concerns and requirements than someone who is just at the beginning.

GREEN   Working with Partners & Family

Recovery Coaching is beneficial in supporting those close to the person experiencing the addiction and addiction recovery. Relationships and systems need time to adjust and change and it is not only the person themselves who can benefit from coaching.

GRAY CIRCLE     Integration with Treatment Services

Addiction Recovery Coaching can be introduced within a treatment setting as soon as an individual has been stabilised medically, nutritionally and bio chemically. The principles of coaching can be developed alongside treatment therapies provided that the treatment practitioners and the coaches have created appropriate professional understanding of each other’s strengths and approaches.
As individuals exit the treatment process, a continuum of care can be developed by providing engagement from within the treatment exit stage through to outside world or halfway house engagement.

LIGHT RED CIRCLE  Toolkit for the Recovering Individual

FRC coaches are taught how to use a simple but powerful set of coaching approaches, principles and tools when working with people.
One great benefit is that coaching skills are sticky. That is, the clients being coached will, over time, acquire the principles and skills and approaches that they are being exposed to through their coach and the coaching experience.
The experience of being coached has the potential to permeate all levels of an individual’s life.

BLUE CIRCLE Addiction Recovery Coaching – benefits for people in recovery

It has been found that when Recovery Coaching is taught to people starting their own recovery is improves their recovery and engagement.
FRC supports fully the approach to provide these skills on as wide a possible basis to people initiating recovery once other factors have been satisfactorily managed.

    What it is not

Addiction Recovery Coaching is not traditional therapy, counselling or treatment. It is though highly complementary in many circumstances to these other professions and coaches are encouraged and required to form alliances and positive professional relationships with others assisting in the field.