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A positive proactive relationship designed to initiate, develop and strengthen a person’s recovery from a healthcare challenge so that they can then build and maintain wellness.

Recovery & Wellness Coaching is rooted in a ‘wellness’ model approach to working with others. It combines Recovery & Wellness Orientation, Coaching Orientation and Coaching Skills to provide a specific approach to a particular healthcare challenge and / or wellness situation

Recovery & Wellness Coaching recognises that the development and success of recovery and wellness rests as on the recognition of the human need to build, develop and live fulfilling meaningful lives over time whilst attending to solving and meeting current challenges and needs.

Recovery & Wellness coaching builds on the natural resources that we all have so we can decide for ourselves how to manage our own lives, cope with healthcare challenges and develop our futures within the context of those challenges. In this way it supports us in building exciting and successful lives.

A Gateway Relationship

Recovery & Wellness Coaching relationship is best understood as a “gateway” relationship as it focusses on working with people to access particular services and resources to meet their multiple needs across the entire span of their recovery to wellness.
The Recovery & Wellness Coaching relationship is concerned with the overall recovery journey and process and not just one or more treatment process or event.

Working with Partners & Family

Recovery & Wellness coaching is beneficial in supporting those close to the person experiencing the healthcare challenge or who is in recovery. Relationships and systems need time to adjust and change and it is not only the person themselves who can benefit from Recovery & Wellness Coaching.

What does it offer?

Structured focused support to decide how best to tackle issues you are facing. Clearer understanding of what you want your future to be and the creation of plans and goals so you can make it more of a reality.

What is it not?

It is not traditional therapy, counselling or treatment. It is though highly complementary in many circumstances to these other professions and Recovery & Wellness Coaches are encouraged and required to form alliances and positive professional relationships with others assisting in the field of Recovery & Wellness.