BLUE CIRCLE   All coaches listed in our community are members of the FRC

GRAY CIRCLE  Our values are Professionalism, Integrity, Respect and Transparency

GREEN  All our coaches are asked to agree to our FRC Recovery & Wellness Coach – Ethics


On joining the FRC all coaches are asked to submit details of the following:


BLUE CIRCLE1 copy    What kind of coaching training they have received? From what organisation and to what level?

DARK BLUE2 copy    What coaching credentials they have obtained that are current?

RED CIRCLE3 copy    Details of membership of other coaching bodies (e.g ICF, AC etc)

GREEN4 copy   Their experience as either a Recovery Coach, a Wellness Coach or both

GRAY CIRCLE5 copy   The type of clients they have served and for how long


Once we have this confirmed information they are listed according to our membership levels. You will see these categories of membership against an individual’s profile in the directory. Where we are not able to accurately verify a coaches training then this will be reflected in their listing.

Individual coaches may also be accredited by the FRC and where they are successful it is shown in their profile at their accreditation level. 

Some considerations

When considering working with one of our listed coaches please ensure that you satisfy yourself as to their effectiveness, skill set and approach. Make sure you ask them sufficient questions to provide yourself with enough information. Trust your instincts and engage only when you feel sure you want to.

Peer Recovery and Wellness Coaches

Some coaches describe themselves as Peer Recovery Coaches. Please consider the following:

  • This usually indicates that they have personal experience of recovery from a healthcare challenge such as an addiction or other condition
  • This may provide you as a client with some comfort as you may feel that they understand the particular experience you may be going though
  • They may have undertaken training as recovery coaches in programmes that teach many aspects of peer led and supported recovery but which do not contain specific coaching skills and orientations as defined by the FRC in alignment with other international coaching bodies
  • Peer-ness is not a suggested requirement for choosing a coach to support you although it may help
  • The FRC maintains that a well trained and experienced Recovery and Wellness coach will be able to will be able to work effectively with anyone even though they may not share a similar healthcare challenge experience


Whilst we take reasonable steps to ensure that the members of our community and of the FRC submit information to us in regard to their training and background we do not guarantee that they have reached the standards they may claim and we do not check their experience with clients or make other checks.

You should always ask whatever questions you need to ask to feel comfortable with a potential coach and to ensure that you have satisfied yourself as to their professionalism and experience.

Please see the TIPS – Do’s and Don’ts for key points to consider when hiring a Recovery and Wellness Coach