Decide what you want to achieve by working with a coach and then look for a coach who offers to work with a similar outcome (for example if you are looking to develop confidence about meeting your wellness targets then look for coaches who work with confidence building)

Ask for and read recommendations and testimonials

Look for accreditation or an appropriate credential showing that the coach has had training to a certain level that you consider necessary

Remember change takes time and initial engagements may be for several months. Make sure you are comfortable making this commitment

Ask the coach to explain their approach, how they plan to work with you and what it will involve

Ask them that in the event that you may want to engage with other skill-sets to support your recovery or well-being, that they are happy to support do this and that they have appropriate resources to introduce you to

Make sure your coach explains how they might benefit from introducing you to a service or product

Interview them and decide if you want to work with them before committing

Ask for a copy of their ethics code and complaints procedure (they ought to offer you this anyway)


Hire a coach who wants to charge you for a ‘get to know you’ meeting

Rush. Take you time to find the right help for the long term

Be afraid to move on and find an alternative coach if you don’t feel it is working for you and you are not a good fit

Work with a coach who tries to tell you what to do